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Seoul Semiconductor is a global LED company.

Our sales revenues in 2015 were around 1 billion US dollars and we ranked world’s 5th in market share. We provide various product portfolio and protect our customers with 12,000 patents.

We supply high quality LEDs to our customers based on 4 local corporations, 4 manufacturing factories and more than 40 sales offices worldwide.

The factory in Vietnam will help us extend our sales network in Southeast Asia market. Seoul Semiconductor VINA factory is located at Dong Van 1 IZ in HaNam province. It is the first company in LED industry who constructed a factory with the biggest investment in HaNam, Vietnam.

Now, the first factory has been built and more factories will be planned.
Introduction 인포02 아이콘01 1billion
Sales revenues in 2015
Introduction 인포02 아이콘02 5th
Market share
Introduction 인포02 아이콘03 12,000
Introduction 인포02 아이콘04 4
Local corporations
Introduction 인포02 아이콘05 4
Manufacturing factories
Introduction 인포02 아이콘06 40
Overseas sales offices